The Core Components of Local Listings

The Core Components of Local Listings

In this blog, we will discuss the components of local listings and how they can help you improve your local Listings.

In the past, people have ignored the importance of local listings. With major sites like Google and Yelp being more aware of this trend, these days one has to be a part of a local listing in order to make a mark in the industry.

Local listings consist of a title, description, website URL, Phone Number and images. They give customers a fair idea about what your business offers without having to search online for it. One should also include keywords and business relevant to their business in the title and description as well as take into account that photos should be not just professional but appealing as well.

  1. Business name/title

  2. Address

  3. Phone number

  4. Website URL

  5. Categories

  6. Description

  7. Tagline

  8. Social profiles

  9. Images

  10. Additional media

  11. Alternate phone numbers

  12. Fax number

  13. Certifications

  14. Brands carried

  15. Payment forms accepted

  16. Attributes

What to include in your local business listing?

1). Business name/title
Your business name is your brand’s identity. Your business name should be unique and memorable, not just for you but for your target market as well. Your business name should be able to form its own story that will draw people in.

2). Address
A professional address is an important part of your business identity. It’s the first impression that potential customers will have about you and your company. It also sets the tone for the rest of your marketing materials and digital presence.

For example, it’s important to make sure that your address is up-to-date and reflects what you do best in any format - be it a website or brochure. An unprofessional-looking or outdated address will not draw in new customers or clients. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to craft a professional-looking business address:

3). Phone number
A phone number is one of the most important aspects in business. It is the first step when it comes to making a business memorable and reaching out to new customers.

The phone number is also one of the most important aspects when it comes to Business marketing. But, smartphone penetration is increasing at an increasing rate, which means that businesses are pushed into using websites and apps instead of just using their contact numbers.

4). Website URL
Your website URL is the key to your company’s success. It’s a representative of what you have to offer, and the first impression potential clients have of your company.

A business website URL can be a powerful tool to generate leads for a business. It can also help create trust and credibility with clients, or build up a better brand image for your company. So how do you create the perfect business website URL?

In this article, we share insights from real-life examples from website URLs from different industries that have been successful in generating leads and building an online presence for their businesses.

5). Categories
Companies are struggling to find categories to list their products in. Without categories, it becomes difficult for consumers to find the right products.
There are two ways that companies can implement categories into their listing on Amazon - either create them while selling or buy the existing ones. The first option is very costly, which is why most companies choose the second option.

Companies who want to buy existing categories should consider investing in a custom algorithm that can generate new product ideas according to current trends and preferences of consumers.

6). Description
A business description is a short summary of a company's background and what it does. The purpose is to inform someone else about who you are and what you do. The description should be concise, but detailed enough that someone can understand it from just reading it. It should also have keywords that will help search engines find it when people search for your product or service.

A business description can be used to describe a business opportunity for investors, promote the company's services on the website, and demonstrate your credentials when applying for funding or promotions.

Summing up
The quality, consistency, and spread of your local business data has a direct impact on your local search engine rankings, which leads to web traffic, foot traffic, and transactions. Given the importance of this foundational piece of the local search marketing puzzle, it’s well worth the time to be sure that your listings are accurate, complete, and discoverable on the most important platforms.

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