The Importance of Updating Your Business Directory Listings

The Importance of Updating Your Business Directory Listings

It is important to keep your business listings up-to-date so that you can reach out to new customers. This way, when they search for a service or product in your area and find one of your listings, they will know that it's still current and may be more inclined to use your services or product instead.

A great place to start is with the free online tool from Yext which allows you to update all of your directory listings at once, saving time and money. With this service, there is no need for listing websites like Yelp or Google My Business, since they have already been integrated into the system. You can also import data from other directories such as Yellow Pages in order to save even more time.

Top Reasons to Updating Your Business Directory Listings

Business Locations

Businesses may move, but directories can't be updated along with your relocation. If you have the wrong address listed for your business location on directory services, you could lose potential customers who attempt to visit the premises in person. Many businesses rely on map-based resources like Google Maps and Apple Maps as well as turn-by-turn navigation apps like Waze or MapQuest when using these types of online tools to help direct consumers towards their local market presence; while some simply use car GPS systems instead.

Current Pictures

As a business owner, it's important to ensure that when people search for your company, they get the impression of an active and thriving organization. One way you can show this is through pictures on directories, such as Google My Business or Yelp. Make sure all photos are recent so there aren't any outdated messages being sent. If possible, try having one main photo with others in a gallery beneath it rather than multiple images at once.

Not only will the picture showcase your business is going strong, but you can implement metadata into it. Add tags and information into its description. You could even add on the year to ensure people know that they are current images. Set reminders so these updates happen when necessary.

Business Hours

Nothing is more frustrating for customers than following your business hours online only to discover that they have changed and you are not open. Update your business hours as often as possible so this does not happen again. Join a registry service like Yelp or Google My Business where these changes will automatically be applied across the board.

News Articles and SEO

If you run a business where your hours change often, it can be frustrating when customers come to find the store closed for its regular hours. It's important that all changes are reflected across every platform and listing so people know what times they should visit your shop. If you join an online directory service like this one, the updates will happen automatically.

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